Clive Chambers (2017)

Clive studied mathematics in Dundee, graduated from the University of St Andrews and in 1966 started teaching in Linlathen High School. He stayed at that school for almost a quarter of a century, most of that time as Principal Teacher. Then in 1989 Clive joined Tayside’s Education Development Service and within a couple of years had succeeded Ian Bryers as Maths Adviser. By this time he was already involved at the exam board with Higher Investigations, and in 1991 he became Principal Assessor for Higher Mathematics, a role he fulfilled for the next 19 years. But it is perhaps as the driving force behind the Enterprising Maths competition that the SMC finds Clive’s contribution particularly remarkable.

Enterprising Maths had begun in Australia, and initially with the help of Glenys Marra, Clive introduced it to Tayside in 1989. The competition went national in 1991 as Enterprising Maths in Scotland and Clive provided advice, encouragement and the vital push both to this and to regional events around the country. The culmination was an Enterprising Maths in Europe competition hosted by Tayside in 1995, with teams from Scotland, England and six continental European countries. It is one of Clive’s greatest legacies that the competition is alive and well today in secondary schools and growing at primary level.