Discover exciting mathematics competitions in which to participate. These competitions offer a unique opportunity to put problem-solving skills to the test, compete against other talented mathematicians, and have a little fun.

Mathematical Challenge

Mathematical Challenge is a problem-solving competition for individual pupils in Scottish secondary schools and upper primary schools (mainly P7). The competition began in Session 1976-77, following an initiative by the SMC Chairman of the time, Professor E.M. Patterson. The aim is to promote mathematics as a source of interest and pleasurable achievement.

Enterprising Maths

The math competition is an exciting challenge for teams of four pupils, consisting of at least two from S3 and a maximum of two from S4. To provide a fair chance for everyone, local authorities are encouraged to hold regional qualification events. This ensures that as many pupils as possible can participate in the competition.

Mathématiques sans Frontières

Mathématiques sans Frontières is an annual international mathematics competition for S4-S6 schoolchildren, centrally run by the Académie de Strasbourg since 1989. This interclass competition involves a number of mathematical puzzles where one of the puzzles is posed, and must be answered, in a foreign language. Each class should work as a team to tackle the puzzles in the allotted time (90 minutes).

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