The Scottish Mathematical Council is a charitable body, registered in Scotland. Our aims are to foster and improve mathematical education at all levels, and to encourage the advancement and application of mathematics throughout Scotland. The current Chair of the SMC is Dr Alan Walker, who is supported by the members of the SMC.

The Scottish Mathematical Council held its first meeting on 25 September 1967. Initially the Council had 15 members of whom six were nominated by the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, six by the Glasgow Mathematical Association and three by the Scottish Branch of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. The size of the Council has remained essentially unaltered, although members are no longer externally nominated, and the membership spans the full range of Scottish mathematical education as well as including representation from industry.

Our activities are governed by our Constitution and by our financial procedures policy.

Current Members

Cameron Orr

Cameron is a Depute Head Teacher at Darvel Primary School in Ayrshire. With a passion for mathematics and music, Cam had been instrumental in the creation of Maths Week Scotland materials for the Council such as Escape from Lochdonia Manor and Looking and Listening for the Beauty in Maths.

Sue Pope

Sue is a mathematics educator who has worked in schools, universities, local authorities and national policy. She believes everyone can learn mathematics and is entitled to the best possible learning experiences. Building positive attitudes towards mathematics is as important as ensuring successful learning recognised through academic achievement – attitudes last a lifetime. Sue has worked…

Mrs Nicola Dalgliesh

Nicola has been a Primary teacher in Dumfries and Galloway for the past 16 years.  She is currently on a secondment as part of the PT of Inclusive Practice team in Dumfries and Galloway, and has been involved with numeracy development in the region for the past four years.  She is a big advocate of…

Dr Paul Argyle McDonald

Paul is a Chartered Teacher of Mathematics at Fife Council. He also is an Associate Tutor at Moray House and an approved SQA marker for Advanced Higher Mathematics. He joined the council in 2019 and recently became a journal editor. As a former engineer, Paul seeks to promote problem-solving with all young people in his…

Professor Jonathan Fraser

Jonathan is a pure mathematician working at the University of St Andrews.  He is especially interested in the mathematics of fractals and how these objects connect to other areas.  He joined the Scottish Mathematical Council in 2020 and believes an appreciation of mathematics can play a vital role in all walks of life.

Ms Julie Brewer

Julie is a Primary School teacher with 35 years’ experience. She has also been a Numeracy Development Officer for Highland and wrote the Highland Numeracy Progression. She joined the council in 2023.

Sarah Leakey

Sarah is a primary school teacher in Highland and was also the Numeracy Development Officer for the region between 2018 and 2022.  She has been fortunate to work in a wide range of schools in England, New Zealand and Scotland.  She has a passion for supporting learners to develop an understanding and love of mathematics…

Nanette Brotherwood

Nanette is an Education Officer in Education Scotland and is part of the Numeracy and Mathematics Team. She has been in this role since April 2019. Before joining Education Scotland, she was a Principal Teacher of Mathematics in a large Secondary School. Nanette is committed to working with practitioners across all sectors. Encouraging them to…

Dr Alan J. Taylor

Alan is a teacher of Mathematics at Jordanhill School in Glasgow. He joined the council in 2020 and became treasurer in 2022. His interests include promoting numeracy across the curriculum and developing problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Mr Allan Duncan

Retired Senior Lecturer in Mathematics Education at Aberdeen University, Allan keeps himself busy proofreading Mathematics in School and editing our own journals. He has a particular interest in the use of technology to deepen mathematical understanding. He still enjoys dog walking, occasional hill walking and reading crime novels and travel literature.

Mrs Suzanne Stoppard

Suzanne has been a maths teacher at St Joseph’s College since 2007. She has undertaken many roles in this time including the regional maths and numeracy support officer until 2014. Suzanne has a passion for helping all learners experience success in maths and supports other teachers by sharing any resources she can. She joined the…

Mr Simon Fogiel

Simon is Head of Mathematics at Robert Gordon’s College, and has been teaching Mathematics in Secondary schools since 2003. He also serves as an Advanced Higher Mathematics marker for the SQA. Simon is passionate about helping all learners access Mathematics that is challenging and relevant to their future destinations upon leaving school.

Mr Chris Smith

Chris Smith started teaching Maths at Kilmarnock’s Grange Academy back in 2006. He joined the Scottish Mathematical Council in 2014 and currently is an Associate Member, responsible for liaising with the secondary Enterprising Mathematics in Scotland team. Chris is involved in various Maths Week Scotland initiatives: filming the Daily Challenges with the BBC and running…

Dr Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson received a MSci (Hons) in Mathematics from the University of Glasgow, completed his PhD at the University of Edinburgh in Algebraic Geometry, and returned to his alma mater where he is a Senior Lecturer on the Learning, Teaching and Scholarship track. He is founder and director of the maths inside initiative, and the…

Emma Gardner

Emma is a Depute Head Teacher with 29 years’ experience. She has previously worked as part of the Glasgow Counts pedagogy team and the Education Scotland National Numeracy Network. Emma has a particular interest in how early mathematical skills develop through play, including learners with additional support needs.

Mr Bill Richardson, MBE

From 1973 to 2000, Bill was Principal Teacher of Mathematics at Elgin Academy. He was also an assessor with the Scottish Examination Board. Since his retirement he has continued to be involved in school mathematics across the UK and managed to attend quite a few overseas conferences over many years.

Ms Tara Harper

Tara is a Lecturer in Mathematics Education (Initial Teacher Education) at the University of Dundee. She joined the Council in 2019 and has this year taken on responsibility for organising the SMC’s annual Stirling Maths Conference. As a former secondary maths teacher and primary teacher and head teacher, she has a particular interest in mathematics…

Mrs Shazia Ahmed

Shazia is the Learning & Teaching Skills Co-ordinator in the School of Mathematics & Statistics at the University of Glasgow. She has been a council member since 2021 and her interests include maths/stats support and outreach.

Dr Alan J. Walker

Alan is a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of the West of Scotland. He joined the Council in 2016 and spent three years as the Council’s Treasurer. As an applied mathematician who spent time in international finance, Alan enjoys helping learners make connections with mathematics and everyday life.

Previous Chairs

Professor R.A. Rankin, University of Glasgow

Professor W.D. Collins, University of Strathclyde

Professor E.M. Patterson, University of Aberdeen

Professor A.G. Mackie, University of Edinburgh

Professor J. Hunter, University of Glasgow

Professor J.M. Howie, University of St. Andrews

Professor D.A.R. Wallace, University of Strathclyde

Professor A.C. McBride, University of Strathclyde

Dr I. Anderson, University of Glasgow

Professor T.A. Gillespie, University of Edinburgh

Eddie Mullan

Professor Rob Archbold, University of Aberdeen

Dr Chris Pritchard, McLaren High School

Mrs Carol Lyon

2022 - Present
Dr Alan J. Walker, University of the West of Scotland