The following presentations/links from the 2014 conference have been made available to view/download.

Keynote Address

Charlie Stripp- Multiplicative Reasoning is the Key to Success – Video Presentation

Video Presentations 

A- The Simpsons Rule (Professor Adam McBride)


C- “Building Learning Power” through Mathematics (Pauline Logan, Tom Carson and Lee Gray, St. Mungo’s Academy, Glasgow)


Presentations (Click on the title of the workshop to view/download)

C- “Building Learning Power” through Mathematics (Pauline Logan, Tom Carson and Lee Gray, St. Mungo’s Academy, Glasgow)

E- SOLAR (Graeme Clark SOLAR Manager Scottish Qualifications Authority)

F- Putting Problems First (Stuart Welsh, Head of Mathematics, The High School of Glasgow)

H- SQA: The New Mathematics Higher and Key Messages from Verification (John Parker – Qualifications Development Manager for the new Courses in Mathematics, Martin Brown – principal verifier and Elaine Riley – Qualifications manager for mathematics)

I- Using Geogebra in Higher Maths: effective tasks (Tom Button, Student Support Leader, Further Mathematics Support Programme Learning Technologies, MEI)

K- Polygonal Perambulations 2 (Andy Thompson, Highland Secondary Mathematics Development Officer)

L- Assessing Progress and Achievement (Jamie Petrie Development Officer, Assessment, Qualifications, Quality Assurance and Moderation)

M- STEM at Work – A ‘Real Life’ context for learning and skills development (Dr. Margaret R Ritchie, RSC Education Coordinator, Scotland)

N- Numeracy in Scotland – where are we going?   (Caroline Linskaill, Education Scotland)

O- National Qualifications – Support from Education Scotland (Mary Lucas, Education Scotland)

P- Talk Money: Family Finances (Jim Lally, Education Scotland)

Q- What’s the use of statistics? (Stella Dudzic, Programme Leader- Curriculum)

R Creativity in Mathematics (Julia Fenby, Development Officer – Creative Learning, Education Scotland)

T- There’s no such thing as a boring Maths question (Chris Smith, Grange Academy)

U- Parental Engagement (Eddie White

V- Motivating and Engaging Learners Part 2 (Deirdre Murray, Faculty Head Mathematics and Fiona Philips, Maths Teacher Alness Academy)

X- Using Census Data (Cecilia Macintyre Census statistician, National Records of Scotland)