The SMC Journal will, as usual, feature articles based on talks from this year’s conference. For those of you who can’t wait, the following links to slides or follow-up material may be useful.

Numeracy Across Learning — Developing a Whole School Approach [PPT], Julie Brown (Brechin High School).

Back to the Chalkboard! [PDF], Carol Lyon (Angus Council).

Improving Numeracy in a Secondary School [PPT], Innes MacLeod (Stirling and Clackmannanshire Council).

The Cambridge Mathematics Education Project: Teaching Resources for Higher Maths [PPT], Paul Brown & Martha Einav (University of Cambridge).

Ideas from Elsewhere, Chris McGrane (Hillhead High School, Glasgow): follow-up blog posts part one and part two.

Taking the Scenic Root from A to B, Chris Smith (Grange Academy). For geeky factoids about the square root of two, you can subscribe to Chris’s free newsletter by emailing [email protected]. For more information about “Maths Camp”, you can see a report on the 2015/2016 Camp here. For more on Pi Day, see Chris’s TEDx talk on recent Pi Day fun.

The Flipped Classroom [Prezi], Stuart Welsh (High School of Glasgow).

CC Education Scotland Support for National Qualifications [PPT], Joanne Oliver (Education Scotland).

DD P7/S1 Transition in Numeracy and Mathematics [PPT], Nicola Henry & Barbara Gray (Education Scotland).