The first Scottish Mathematical Council Northern Conference was held at Millburn Academy, Inverness, from 10am to 2.45pm on Saturday 4 May 2019. The keynote speaker was Andrew Jeffrey (The Mathemagician), and an exciting range of 25 other workshops were also available.

We are grateful to all our presenters and all those who attended! A selection of the slides are available below.

G. Raising the Bar! (PDF, 1.2MB). Carol Lyon (Angus Council).

H. Why kids find learning maths hard… and what we can do to help them (PPTX, 4MB). Stuart Welsh (High School of Glasgow).

I. Maths Week at Work: an approach aimed at showing the beauty and applicability of mathematics (PDF, 675KB). Francesca Iezzi (University of Edinburgh).

M. Give Them The Power (PPTX, 14MB). Sióbhán McKenna (St Ninian’s High School, Kirkintilloch).

N. Planning in Depth (PPTX, 9MB). Julie Morgan (Keith Grammar School).

P. Using Microsoft Tools on Glow (OneNote including slides and examples; separate PPTX, 12MB). Michael Allan (Bertha Park High School).