The SMC Journal will, as usual, feature articles based on talks from this year’s conference. For those of you who can’t wait, the following links to slides or follow-up material may be useful; we are very grateful to the presenters who have shared it with us! This list may grow as further material is made available.

E. It’s not THE way; it’s A way (PPT, 10MB). Tara Harper (University of Dundee).

F. Higher Applications of Mathematics (PPT, 9MB). Martin Brown and Kevin Gibson (SQA). See also the SQA’s web page for the new qualification.

G. Numeracy Across Learning (PDF, 1MB). Nanette Brotherwood and Yvonne Somerville (Education Scotland).

H. Differentiation in Numeracy & Mathematics in the BGE (PPT, 3MB). Jaclyn Andrews and Maria Docherty (Education Scotland).

I. Embedding Creativity and Digital Skills in Mathematics Lessons (PPT, 6MB). Iona Coutts (Education Scotland).

J. Numeracy and Maths Champions Programme (PPT, 4MB). Allistair Cruickshanks (Wallace High School).

K. Place Value or Face Value? (PDF, 23MB). Carol Lyon (Scottish Mathematical Council).

N. Working with Fractions – A Relational Approach to Rational Numbers (PPT, 300KB). Gerry McNally (St Thomas Aquinas Secondary, Glasgow).

O. Pop-Up Maths Lessons (PPT, 180KB). Fiona Allan.

P. Opportunities For All (PDF, 5MB). Suzanne Stoppard (St Joseph’s College, Dumfries).

T. Issue to Action: Global Citizenship in the Maths Classroom (PPT, 7MB). Corinne Angier (University of Stirling).

X. Critical Pedagogy: shouting loudly in 240+ characters (PPT, 9MB). Linda Lapere (University of Dundee).

Y. Linking Arithmetic, Geometry and Algebra – a Cartesian Journey (PDF, external site). Simon Johnson (Renfrew High School).

CC. Teaching Mixed-Ability Mathematics in S1/S2 (PDF, external site). Bruce Gray (Bucksburn Academy).