The SMC Conference 2022 was held online on Saturday 5 March 2022 and we were delighted to welcome Ben Sparks as our key note speaker!

An overview of all the sessions can be found on the conference programme (PDF).

Conference Programme

Welcome and presentation of the SMC Achievement Award. Carol Lyon, Scottish Mathematical Council.

Keynote. Moving Mathematical Moments. Ben Sparks

A. Maths is BEST. Adam McBride, University of Strathclyde
B. Conversations with Newly Qualified Teachers. June Pisaneschi, University of Strathclyde
C. Developing Mathematical Thinking using UKMT Materials in the Classroom for Secondary Pupils. Heather Yorston, University of Edinburgh
D. Exploring Global Citizenship in Maths Lessons. Corinne Angier
E. What’s Not to Love About a Problem Called Mathematics? Karen Hart & Sheona Goodall
F. Fun Functions Investigations: How to Simulate and Fit Data. Jay Teach
G. Code Breaking and Cryptography. Charlotte Webb
H. Improving Learner Outcomes in Fractions at Level 2. Andy Thompson, Northern Alliance RIC
I. Where Does ‘Why’ Go? Ed Southall, University of Huddersfield
J. The Pedagogy Jigsaw. Simon Johnson
K. Solving Subtraction Problems Involving Regrouping – Does Understanding Negative Numbers Help? Sarah Leakey
L. Enjoyment, Engagement, Attainment. Gillian Matthewson, Alford Academy
M. Sharing Practical Experiences of Higher Applications of Mathematics. Iona Coutts, Education Scotland
N. Introducing Education Scotland’s New Money Professional Learning Resource. Nanette Brotherwood & Jaclyn Andrews
O. Patterns: What to do if you believe in them. What to do if you don’t! James Tanton
P. Developing Conceptual Understanding of Maths. Scott Morrow
Q. Teaching Student Teachers to Teach Maths. Kat Lord-Watson
R. Making an Example. Stuart Welsh
S. Increasing the Number and Diversity of Excellent Mathematicians. Simon Singh
T. Craftematics. Ayliean MacDonald
U. Should ‘Chimney Sums; Be Banned? Carol Lyons & Linda Lapere
V. Maths Day Out. Katie Oldfield, Maths Week Scotland Coordinator
W. A Magical Mystery Tour of Fascinating Sequences, Ron Lancaster, University of Toronto
X. Implementing Example, Problem Pair in N5 Applications of Mathematics. Suzanne Stoppard, St Joseph’s College, Dumfries
Y. The Hidden Mystery Behind Rubik’s Cube Math, Sydney Weaver
Z. The Use of Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract Approaches in the Primary Classroom. Sarah Howlett, White Rose Maths
AA. What’s so Fundamental About the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic? Daniel Wolf-Root
BB. Visualising Mathematics Using Web Autograph. Robert J Smith & Douglas Butler
CC. Honouring Student Thinking. Howie Hua, Fresno State
DD. Conceptualising Place Value with Different Bases. Ismail O Zembat, University of Glasgow
EE. Comparing the Relative Merits of Different Mathematics Proofs. Chris Sangwin, University of Edinburgh
FF. Mind Games: Cracking Code in Maths and Languages. Francesca Iezzi, Ben Goddard & Graeme Trousdale, University of Edinburgh