The programme from the SMC Conference 2023 can be found on the conference padlet.

Some presentations from the conference:

  • A1 – Raising mathematical achievement and engagement through practitioner enquiry and action research, Pete Wright
  • C2 – Mathematical problem solving – what do you notice?, Helen Martin and Caryll Jack
  • D3 – Magic Mondays, Chris Smith
  • F4 – Why we love open middle and goal free problems, Iona Coutts and Nanette Brotherwood
  • H5 – Mapping, Converses and Texts, oh my!, Daniel Wolf-Root
  • M3 – Supporting learners with dyscalculia and maths anxiety, Garry Anderson
  • O4 – Rethinking the curriculum (again), Chris McGrane
  • Q1 – Domino activities, Chris Pritchard
  • S2 – The role of unit in understanding area, Ismail Zembat
  • U3 – Approaches to sequenced examples, Gavin Smith
  • X5 – Make your own test or worksheet using our Question Library, Nic Cardwell
  • AA1 – Going ‘goal free’ in the primary setting, Yvonne Somerville and Jaclyn Andrews including First level & Second level examples
  • BB2 – Primary Enterprising Mathematics Challenge, Sharon Grant, Ritty Tomichen and Eva Nichol
  • DD3 – Maths outdoors: estimating and measuring tree heights, Corinne Angier