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SQA qualifications in Mathematics and English (1986-2018): a statistical overview

This page contains additional information associated with the SMC report “SQA qualifications in Mathematics and English (1986-2018): a statistical overview” (SMC report 2019/1, published 7 March 2019). We may post further updates here as new attainment data and other evidence are released. Data (population figures, entry numbers, attainment statistics, National Ratings) used to create the figures in the…

Scottish Mathematical Council Discussion Paper- The 2012 PISA Findings and the Implications for Scotland (Chris Pritchard)

Comments from the Scottish Mathematical Council (SMC) on the Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy (SSLN) 2011


SMC’s Maths Week Scotland Activities 2021

This padlet resource contains learning activities for each day of Maths Week Scotland 2021

Intergalactic Adventure and Escape from Lochdonia Manor

Does My Vote Count? A multiplicative reasoning project

(Chris Pritchard, Simon Fogiel, Brenda Harden, Phil Knight)